Become a Motevo Dealer

We welcome inquiries from potential dealers wishing to join us in developing the 12-volt industry.

Marketing Potentials

According to the Industry Analysis Center at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), sales of in-dash GPS navigation units are skyrocketing and the business is booming. This affects the sales of portable navigation devices (PNDs), since the in-dash system provides for standard devices for high- and middle-class cars.

From June 2008 to June 2009, sales of in-dash navigation units rose 26% while PND sales only grew by 4%. Looking just at 2009, the growth was even faster, rising 36% from January to June with the client bases of both increasingly turning to GPS-enabled devices.

Currently, only 10% of drivers in the USA and 20% of those in Europe use a PND because of:

  • short battery life when used in the GPS mode
  • small monitors
  • difficulty in installing securely

For these reasons, we are striving to create a built-in GPS multimedia system.

Most countries now impose penalties for drivers who use mobile phones whilst driving and in several countries, such as Bahrain, the penalty extends to the imprisonment of drivers not using headset devices. For this reason, Motevo built-in navigator features a Bluetooth system to ensure safe and legal driving for all.

Requirements for Qualifying as a Dealer

  1. You are running a business involved in car sales, car showrooms, car accessories or car audio equipment, whether wholesale or retail.
  2. You agree to conform to our agreement regarding purchase orders, delivery and payment.
  3. You are able to complete at least one sale every six months.
  4. You submit to us a complete and correct application form.

Payment and Delivery

Bangkok and other provinces
Each purchase order must total more than THB 20,000 (7% VAT excluded).

Required Documents

  1. Application form.
  2. Certified copy of ID card and house registration of the authorized person.
  3. Value added tax (VAT) or the specific business tax registration viz. Phor Phor 01, Phor Phor 20 or Phor Phor 09 (in case of application as an organization).
  4. Certified copy of tax payer ID card.
  5. A map indicating the company’s location and site for delivery.
  6. A certificate of corporate registration (less than six months old).

Brand Philosophy

dealer-marketingAt Motevo we have an energetic team who excel in technology, marketing and sales and our product is the hottest in-dash double din multimedia navigation system available. For the maximum in fun and safety, choose our product for "navigation and beyond".

Why Motevo?

  • We have a hot product in one of the fastest growing categories in the market.
  • We have dedicated R & D in product design and an integrated manufacturing facility to create a product fit for the market, coupled with strong support and after-sales service.
  • We carry out intensive corporate brand promotion to increase brand awareness, making sales promotion and marketing support easier, so helping dealers do their job more easily.
  • We work closely with dealers to build successful businesses, like the 40 conceptual stores we set up in China.